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"The most successful adoptions are those where the parties choose to work with each other..."

This site was developed by a rare adoption professional with an extremely comprehensive understanding of the emotional and practical aspects of adoption. Drawing on years of experience, first as a birthmother and now an adoption professional, For Love's Sake was built with the understanding of what frustrates both birthparents and adoptive parents.

As a young woman placing her own child for adoption she was frustrated by the lack of resources available to her. She was also disheartened by the limited choices of families presented to her by agencies and attorneys.

Now as a respected adoption professional she is disappointed by the lack of choices provided to birthparents on the internet. Today, choices for birthparents are limited to agencies and attorneys representing their own hopeful clients and discriminate websites allowing only those families they see fit to adopt, post their information. For Love's Sake is a private site. It is not affiliated with any agency or attorney in particular, thus providing a truly open forum with no hidden agenda.

This site was created to help birthparents by offering them as many choices as possible when making an adoption plan. It's fruition came to be from a need and desire to give all adoptive families who are legally certified to adopt a forum to post their information. By doing so she has created a place for birthparents to find the right family for their child.


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